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WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE! This work is the synthesis of years of teaching Italian language and I gladly share it with all of you! There are many useful exercises to download for learning Italian as a second language (L2), but also for native speakers and all those people curious about Italian history and culture. Enter the GRAMMAR to understand the rules of the language, or visit the MATERIAL to choose the most useful exercise for you. Last but not least, there is also the BLOG to find out a lot about Italian culture! Happy browsing.

Discover my language AT EVERY LEVEL, with LOTS of everyday life topics and MANY different ACTIVITIES, just for you!
"Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, let me do...and I learn."


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See grammar

Understand Italian with many GIOCHI ON LINE and ESERCIZI GRAMMATICALI. You can download some trail exercises, but then you have to log in to your AREA PERSONALE to download the other exercises.

Download free material

Discover my language with ATTIVITÀ DIDATTICHE divided into language levels. These exercises have precise methodologies for learning and can be downloaded from your AREA PERSONALE.


See the blog

Read what's new and discover LUOGHI INTERESSANTI in Italy. Post something in your blog and share what you know about Italy with other students. To use the blog, you need to log in to your AREA PERSONALE.

Visit my city: LECCE

The DUOMO in Lecce is in the highest point of Lecce. During the day you can admire the church and at night it becomes a very suggestive place.